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Help your child receive the grades and qualifications they desire with our extensive range of personalised tutor lessons. From SATs and GCSEs to exam preparation and special needs education, our tutors teach subjects in a way that best suits the pupil’s needs and abilities.

Contact Annie Tector, Proprietor, for more information on our tuition in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

About Us

If your child requires a helping hand or consolidation with their studies then our professional tutors at The Tuition Centre Sutton Coldfield are exactly what you need. Based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, we specialise in providing private tuition that improves motivation in your child’s learning and encourages confidence in their abilities. Backed by more than 19 years of experience, we aim to meet the needs of the individual and help them to reach their maximum potential.


About Our Lessons

Offering expert tuition to children between the ages of 5 to 16, and covering curriculum-based Lessons for SAT and GCSE examinations, our professional tutors provide a safe, focused, and welcoming learning environment where your child will flourish. Our tutors are experienced and cater for all ages and abilities. We offer one-to-one lessons during the weekdays, weekends, and school holidays in a friendly environment.


At The Tuition Centre Sutton Coldfield, we’ve received a wide
range of recommendations and positive feedback on our tutoring and staff. These
testimonials include:

“I have three sons who all attend The Tuition Centre Sutton Coldfield and I have been very impressed with the way my boys have all come on in the eight months they have been going. It’s calm and friendly, the staff are great - I would recommend it. We are so glad to have found centre.” - Lisa M

“Both our children attended The Tuition Centre Sutton Coldfield, it provides a calm and friendly environment in which they’re able to learn and undoubtedly played a large part in how they progressed, we would highly recommend the centre to anyone.” - Karen

“My son Lackshhya has been attending The Tuition Centre Sutton Coldfield for the last two years. He has a physical disability and the staff are so helpful. They give him an equal opportunity to involve him in his work, always putting him at ease if he struggles at all. He really looks forward to his tuition and we are really impressed with his progress. We would recommend The Tuition Centre Sutton Coldfield to anyone. Five star recommendation.” -  Kamleash and Upendar

“My children have attended The Tuition Centre Sutton Coldfield for a number of years, and I have always been very happy with the standard of teaching they have received. The tutors have always been very approachable and the children have enjoyed learning in a relaxed environment. The children made great progress not only with their school work but the older two have also achieved places at grammar school. I would high recommend The Tuition Centre Sutton Coldfield to any parent looking for one-to-one, quality tutoring for their children.” – A happy parent